The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America

"Virtutes Majorum Filiae Conservant"
(Daughters Conserve the Virtues of Their Ancestors)

Objects of the Society

 The objects of this society shall be:
  •  to collect and preserve manuscripts, traditions, relics, and mementos of bygone days; 
  • to preserve and restore buildings connected with the early history of  our country;
  •  to educate our fellow citizens and ourselves in our country's history and thus diffuse healthful and intelligent information  concerning the past;
  • to create a popular interest in our Colonial history;
  • to stimulate a spirit of true patriotism and a genuine love of country;
  • and to impress upon the young the sacred obligation of honoring the memory of those heroic ancestors whose ability, valor suffering and achievements are beyond all praise.
NSCDA Mission Statement (October 2007)

The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America actively promotes our national heritage through historic preservation, patriotic service and educational projects.

Vision Statement

In this 21st century, the NSCDA is responsible for educating its membership and the American people about the values and principles set forth by our founding fathers that shaped our culture and for demonstrating the relevance of America's history of liberty and freedom to a responsible citizenship. Implementation of national, regional, and local projects, incorporated with the assets and information available through the resource center of our national headquarters at Dumbarton House, will unify our members and inspire all Dames and the American community.

Colonial State Societies

Colonial State Societies are those in the original thirteen American Colonies. They are in order of joining The National Society: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, District of Columbia (not a Colonial state but designated as our Domicile), Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, South Carolina, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.

Requirements of Membership

Those who are invited to become members must be direct descendants in their own right from an ancestor who resided in an American Colony prior to 1750 and who served his or her country in some official capacity during the period and before July 5, 1776. Satisfactory proof of this service and the relationship through each generation is required. For these reasons and because the candidate must be worthy of the ancestor from whom she is descended, the membership is never large.

Contact Information

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