Patriotic Service Committee

The Patriotic Service Committee works primarily in the field of education to preserve the history and heritage of the United States of America. Scholarship awards have encouraged hundreds of college students to study and teach American history, have helped Native Americans in nursing and medical fields, and have helped to teach high school students citizenship responsibilities. Flag programs and citizenship projects as well as literacy projects welcome and educate new citizens as well as ourselves. Service to the military operates not only during wartime but in peacetime with volunteers working in and visiting military and veteran's hospitals.

American History Scholarship Awards

This award was established in 1953 by the National Patriotic Service Committee. There are three categories of annual awards; regional, district, and state.
The regional award is funded by The National Society but administered by one Corporate Society within each of the four regions on a rotating schedule. 
The district awards are managed in each district separately with the awarding Corporate Society rotating within each district.
Note: Districts are used only by the Patriotic Service Committee, not by other national committees. regional and district awards are given to outstanding graduate students with a serious interest in American history. 
The state awards are funded by individual Corporate Societies. Amounts and conditions of these awards vary from state to state and are given sometimes to outstanding college students or teachers and sometimes to high school students.  It is important to note that unless these are full scholarships they are awards or grants-in-aid.

Native American Nurse Scholarship Program

Every year since 1923, a few students of Native American descent in nursing schools around the country have been given this financial aid to help them complete their education in nursing and health related fields. The National Society's scholarships are not large enough to cover all of a student's expenses, so the recipients must supplement them through part-time jobs, and government and university subsidies.

Application for Native American Nurse Scholarship

Congressional Seminar Project

Since 1977, the National Patriotic Service Committee of the NSCDA has been a strong supporter of the Congressional Seminar. The Congressional Seminar is a week long, intensive program of study in American government for high school students. The Washington Workshop Foundation, a private, nonprofit organization that provides seminars, study tours, and educational travel opportunities for students from the United States and other countries, presents the Congressional Seminar every year. The NSCDA and the state societies support the Congressional Seminar by paying full tuition for winners of its high school essay contest.

Application for the 2014 Congressional Seminar Scholarship

Anyone interested in any of the above scholarships may contact our Patriotic Service Chairman for more information.